Air Quality & Outdoor Activity



The safety of our students and staff is our top priority.



How will RAFOS monitor the air quality?

As air quality conditions change, Rocklin Academy will receive automated notifications alerting us of current air quality conditions.  Administration will observe the Rocklin Reporting Area air monitor for our Rocklin schools and the Folsom Reporting Area for American River Collegiate Academy through 


What changes would occur as the AQI drops below the Healthy level?

A breakdown of air quality levels and what actions we would take as the AQI continues to worsen to a Hazardous level are shown in the chart above.


What would cause schools to be closed?

If the air quality reaches a Hazardous Level, RAFOS would close the affected campus(es). The decision to close schools due to poor air quality will not occur if the school day is in progress; however, students will be kept indoors, as needed. The decision to close schools will be made prior to the start of the school day.


Could school sites make their own decisions on whether to cancel after-school and extracurricular activities (sports and Visual and Performing Arts) if they deem the air quality to be too poor for their students?

Schools will have electronic access to monitor the air quality to determine whether to move or cancel indoor/outdoor activities.  However, the decision to close any school is made by the Charter Management Office (CMO).


Will RAFOS use Distance Learning or Online Learning platforms if in-person instruction is temporarily unavailable due to poor air quality?

No. Any missed instruction days will be made up at a later date unless RAFOS is granted a waiver from the California Department of Education.


Will there be Personal Protective Equipment available to school staff in the event of poor air conditions?

Yes, RAFOS will provide N95 masks to Maintenance and Operations employees when appropriate.


How often will staff members find out about the change in the AQI?

School principals will receive communication from the CMO as the AQI changes throughout the day.