School Illness

cartoon of sick face with thermometerSchool Illness Management Protocol
The purpose of this protocol is to clearly define what conditions require a student to be sent home from school. All criteria is set forth following recommendations from the AAP publication; Managing Infectious Diseases in Childcare and Schools.

We request that students stay home for 24 hours secondary to a fever (without the use of fever reducing medications) or when they have infectious vomiting or diarrhea. All requirements are subject to amendment based on direction from the County Health Department. At this time we are following county COVID-19 scenario guidance. 

Conditions that require a student to be sent home include, but are not limited to:
  • Fever -a student must be sent home at 100.0 degrees F or higher. Normal body temp ranges from 94 – 100 degrees. How a student looks and acts, the whole picture is as important as the actual temperature. A student may return after 24 hours with no fever.

  • Vomiting - 2 or more times in previous 24 hours unless the vomiting is determined to be caused by a non-communicable condition.

  • Diarrhea.

  • Unexplained pain, crying.

  • An injury to the head resulting in loss of memory /unconsciousness.

  • Unexplained rash.

  • Weeping sores that cannot be covered.

  • Presence of lice or nits.

  • Presence or treatment of an allergic reaction

  • Overall condition that prevents the student from participating in class as determined by the teacher or health office staff. The student’s condition requires the teacher to take significant time away from other students in class.