What is a Charter School?

Public, free and open to all


Why a charter school? 


Many parents are seeking high quality educational choices for their children. Parents want more individualized attention for students. They want greater participation in their children's education, and they have high expectations of personal behavior. Many parents feel their children are capable of higher levels of academic accomplishment. Many educators are seeking the opportunity to create schools that do all these things-schools free from bureaucracy. A charter school allows both. Rocklin Academy, Western Sierra Collegiate Academy and American River Collegiate Academy offer a strong curriculum, outstanding teaching, a commitment to high standards, full partnerships with families, and the development of a student's full potential.


How is a charter school different from other public schools? 


Charter schools offer an important innovation in public education. They are performance-based schools that are free from many of the complex regulations that often constrain innovation in traditional programs. In exchange for substantial freedom in governance, programming, staffing and budgeting, the school is held accountable for student achievement.


For more information, the California Charter Schools Association  can help answer many questions.