Managing Food Allergies

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We have many identified allergies in our schools and as such we must ensure a safe environment for all students.
  • All food brought into classrooms for activities and/or academic celebrations must be authorized prior to the event by the teacher, who shall communicate menus to parents. Food brought in without prior approval will not be served to students.

  • All food will need to be store bought, with the ingredient label attached.

  • Parents may provide substitute foods for any foods that are not appropriate for their child.

  • Birthdays and special student events can be celebrated by sharing tokens or non-food items such as stickers or pencils.

  • Although we are not a nut free school, nuts are never served to students.

  • Allergy aware zones are provided in both the cafeteria and in the classrooms to accommodate students with identified allergies.

  • Food sharing between students is never allowed.