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Parent and Student Access is enabled from the school site. PowerSchool Portal access requires parents to create an account or the school to have created one for you. Students will have access to their student account in PowerSchool beginning the first day of school. Teachers can share login information with you. Accounts are inactive upon withdrawal from the school. 
To view your child’s grades, attendance, assessments and more:
  1. Log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal
  2. In the left navigation window, click a tab
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Student Reports
Student/Teacher Class Assignment
Before the first day of school, principals will communicate when you can login and view your student's class placement. 
Student ID
If you are setting up a Lunch Portal account, you'll need your student's ID number. 
Report Card
You should see the 'Trimester' report card. Older report cards will be under the archived section. Report cards can be viewed online for the entire school year. Report Cards will be posted by the first Monday a.m. of conference week/minimum days.
NWEA MAP Assessment
You should see 'NWEA MAP Results'. Click to view the report. MAP assessments are done in Fall, Winter and Spring. 
NWEA MAP are research based assessments from NWEA called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) for grades K-11. We give the students MAP assessments to determine your child’s instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics. Each test takes approximately an hour to complete. MAP assessments are unique in that they adapt for your child’s level of learning. Teachers use the NWEA MAP Growth assessment data, along with other measures, to set academic goals, and meet the needs of individual students to best impact student learning and celebrate the individual growth of their students.
Before the first day of school, you will need to complete required forms through the portal under ANNUAL UPDATES:
#1 Permissions and Agreements: acknowledgement of the Parent/Student Handbook, Annual Parent Notice, Technology Agreement, Use of Apps and Web-based Services, Volunteer Policy and give permissions for Photos, Yearbook, Media and Walking Field Trips. 
#2 ESSA: This helps us determine eligible services for your child. 
#3 Health Information: Verify health information we have on file from the previous year or since registrations. Update if needed.  
Student Contacts
Displays information we have on file for your child in PowerSchool.
Score Reports
CAASPP Student Score Report
Students in grades 3-8 and 11 take the English-Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) and Math assessments. Students in grades 5, 8 and once in high school take the CA Science Test (CAST). Student Score Reports are available approximately 4-weeks after CAASPP testing is completed. Usually this is in the June/July timeframe.  Test results together with report cards and MAP assessments help in understanding how a student is doing in school and their readiness for success in higher grades, college, and career. 
ELPAC Student Score Report
The ELPAC is the test used to measure how well students in kindergarten (K) through twelfth grade understand English when it is not their primary language. Identifying students who need help learning English is important so student can get the support they need.