Core Knowledge Curriculum

Core Knowledge
The Core Knowledge curriculum builds on a base of knowledge starting in the early years. It balances a students skills with corresponding acquisition of knowledge. Educators know what a student has experienced in school while students have a common foundation to build additional learning.
Elementary Curriculum
A Core Knowledge education is built upon a detailed outline of specific content in language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science and the fine arts. It provides a solid, coherent foundation for learning and is flexible to meet local needs. This allows all the curriculum expectations of the California Common Core Standards to be thoroughly covered at each grade level by our teachers. The Core Knowledge curriculum is the result of systems around the world. More information about Core Knowledge is available at the Core Knowledge website. 
Middle School Curriculum
Grades 7 and 8 at both Gateway and Western Sierra Collegiate Academy offer the nationally-recognized Core Knowledge curriculum. It is strong in depth and rigor and provides a solid foundation for success in the college preparatory coursework in Grades 9-12.
High School Curriculum
All students in Grades 9-12 will be enrolled in the courses required for entrance to the University of California, California State University and selective private universities. The curriculum is engaging and rigorous, meeting and exceeding California Common Core Standards.  The emphasis is on science, mathematics, social studies, world language and the arts. It is the expectation that all students enrolled in Grades 10-12 will take Advanced Placement (AP) coursework.
Common Core State Standards
The Rocklin Academy Family of Schools has adopted the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Math and English Language Arts.