Required Health Forms

Immunization Requirements
Children entering public school at any grade level must provide proof of required immunizations for their age / grade.
Oral Health Assessment Requirement
Children entering public school for the first time in TK, Kindergarten or First Grade are required to have a dental checkup by May 31st of their first year. The assessment must be completed by a licensed dental professional. Oral health assessments that have occurred within 12 months prior to starting school also meet this requirement. 
Report of Health Exam Requirement
Students entering public school in TK,  Kindergarten, or First Grade (if requirement was met during TK or Kindergarten)  must submit a completed Report of Health Exam. The  Report of Health Exam must be completed and signed by a licensed health care provider.
The physical EXAM DATE on the form (not the date the provider signs the form) must be no earlier than 6 months prior to starting TK or Kindergarten, or within 90 days after starting First Grade.