Once your account is set up, you will be able to log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and complete required forms before the first day of school, make changes to your information that we currently have on file, view attendance, report cards, assessments and state reports like CAASPP or ELPAC for your student. The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a primary source of information for your child's school activity. Parents can view multiple children through one PowerSchool account, even if the students attend different RAFOS schools. 
Students can also login to PowerSchool using their school assigned login information to view their class schedule, attendance, and grades. If a student does not know his/her login information, check with your teacher. 
The web browser site is a more comprehensive look at PowerSchool; the PowerSchool app is a snapshot of the information. PowerSchool works best with Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. If you are using a Mac, there's a known issue that PowerSchool does not view correctly.
Forgot your username or password?  You can recover your username or password using the email used to set up the account. You should receive a reset link from Powerschool within 30 minutes of your request. If you have requested a password reset, you must sign in using a desktop browser connected to the internet and not the mobile app. 
Need to create a parent portal account? If you have not already set up a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, you will first need your students Access ID. Your parent portal account must be created from a web browser; accounts CANNOT be created on the PowerSchool app. PowerSchool Parent Portal Request for Access ID's allow 2 business days.
PowerSchool for your mobile device
District app code - ZNML
Adaptive Scheduler for students is not available at this time on the PowerSchool App.  
If you are having login issues with PowerSchool, please do the following first: 
  1. Clear the browser’s cache and cookies, then go back to the login page to login.
  2. If this does not work, clear browsing history for at least the last 24 hours.